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Anonymous asked: Hi! I've been a fan of Five Other Lies for years and I love all the drawings of Comely and Lyle you've been posting recently. The one of them on the couch reading made me curious about what their life together is like after the story ends. If you don't consider that to be a spoiler, and if you've thought about what they're doing years down the road, could you tell us a little about it?


i have been waiting for this ask my whole life

i think about this all the time!! it’s totally spoilers but most people who know about five other lies are old fans who have already read it, and anyways it’s fine.

i’m bad with sad endings so they do stay together. gay marriage is legalized in BC in 2003 and they don’t place a lot of importance on marriage as an institution but get quietly married for the sake of it. and they uh, have a kid, believe it or not! 

they’ve both always wanted to be dads, and they have nothing against adoption but they want one of them to be a biological dad. so they uh, have marnie (lyle’s cool & beautiful ex-girlfriend) be the kid’s mom, which she is more than happy to do for them. and (this sounded way less weird in my head) they want to each have an equal chance of being a biological dad so they……have threesomes, with marnie. until she’s pregnant.

so they have a daughter! i’ve never committed to naming her but i know what she looks like. she’s born in 2000, when comely is about 36 and lyle’s 31. they both quit smoking!!! woah


they don’t care exactly, but: her bio-dad is obviously comely cause between him and marnie the kid has dark skin and dark hair. but they’re not sure, cause every part of lyle’s appearance is a recessive gene and comely and marnie have v similar coloration.

comely keeps running the coffee shop with vernon, which opens up more locations in vancouver and makes a lot of money, and he keeps inventing things and goes on to create smittens (which is 100% hinted at in the novel itself lmao). lyle keeps working happy little inconsequential jobs until he eventually decides to be a stay-at-home dad.

comely dies relatively young from being a lifelong smoker and lyle doesn’t live super long either lol. the end



Sex workers are human beings…. from cam models to strippers to porn stars. It may not be your cup o’ tea (mmm, tea), but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect or shame them. 

Reblogging this again because people think that just because someone is a sex worker, means that they are not intelligent, can’t have normal lives, and treat them like complete shit.

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